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City Life in the Tropics

09 November 2016 -

King Living recently invited Caroline Chin Geyler from Arete Culture , to show us how to style the Delta Metro

Caroline created a modern and contemporary look with a tropical feel, featuring the flexible Delta Metro with complimentary furniture and accessories.

Inbuilt storage compartments are perfect for storing cushions, throws, blankets and pillows. 

Smart Pockets™ can be positioned on the arms. Clever accessories such as LED Lights and charging tables channel cords through the pocket design, maximising floor space.

Perfect for apartments and smaller spaces, the real advantage of the Delta Metro is its ability to be reconfigured into many different settings. Nice and close for relaxing, expanded for socialising and entertaining or even a luxurious bed for two. 

Pick up the latest copy of Lookbox Living to see more. 

See more from Arete Culture here

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