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Flexible Lounging with King Living

20 July 2017 - Design

A modular masterpiece, the Delta was King Living’s first modular design and is to date, one of the most popular designs in the King Living range. The Delta III has launched this year to coincide with the 40th birthday, exemplifying how King Living has evolved its designs over the years but stayed true to the fundamentals of the original design with functionality, style and comfort. 

Delivering a touch of design to the living space, the Delta lll  combines a new sleek design with its well-known discreet storage solutions. Featuring new deep seats with Ultradown back cushions, the distinctive aesthetic variation is the pinched seams along the back, front and seat cushions.

Whether laying back, reading a book or watching television, the revised bracket design means the arms can be more integrated and back cushions can be positioned upright or angled, providing the ultimate lounging experience.

Available in standalone armchairs or in a two or three seater sofa, each module can be trimmed with stylish curved arms in either compact or wide widths. For ultimate flexibility, the individual modules can be repositioned to suit any room shape, occasion or even into a bed for overnight guests.

For extra functionality, the curved arm designs can be customised with optional SmartPockets. Ideal for storing magazines and remote controls, the SmartPockets can also be used to accessorise the sofa with tables, LED lights and charging tables.

Completely bespoke, choose from premium fabrics or luxurious leathers and select from timber or chrome legs to suit any taste or interior palette.

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