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06 April 2017 -

Well loved for their spaciousness and expansive seating, the Strata and Felix sofas are perfect for generous living spaces. We invited interior stylist Hong Henwood to cosy up on the sofas and demonstrate how easily they can fit right at home in your abode. 

Hong put together a setting that is relaxed yet sufficiently formal for the family to host and entertain guests, featuring the Strata sofa in brown leather and Venus marble-top tables. Tall glass windows bring in natural light and offer a beautiful finishing touch to the space.

Throw cushions and copper-tone accessories add warmth while flowers and floral vases give the space an organic touch. Hong kept to a consistent colour palette, which helps to tie the entire look together.

The low-height profile of the Strata maximises the free flow of light and air in open plan living, greatly enhancing the volume of the space. The armrest and backrest can be easily shifted to increase seat depth, while its ‘floating’ appearance creates a sense of openness and movement. 

Made for entertaining and lounging, the Felix sofa is the perfect place for the whole family to hang out together. The plush tufted seating is the ultimate indulgence for relaxing and can extend with a smooth gliding motion to become a spacious bed. In this loft setting, Hong created a welcoming look with the Felix sofa dressed with graphic cushions and lots of textured layers, imbuing this industrial-looking attic with a sense of cosiness. Smart Pockets on the arms of the sofa allow for an additional side table and LED light without taking up floor space. They also make it convenient for storing magazines and other reading material. 

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