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  • A modular masterpiece, the Delta was King Living’s first modular design and is to date, one of the most popular designs in the King Living range. The Delta III has launched this year to coincide with the 40th birthday, exemplifying how King Living has evolved its designs over the years but stayed true to the fundamentals of the original design with functionality, style and comfort. 

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  • When everything is at your fingertips, unwinding on the sofa is much more enjoyable. Easy to reach drinks, somewhere close to safely charge your mobile phone, and a handy storage space for your favourite book or the remote control - convenience certainly helps ease the pressure of a busy life. 

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  • Every living room is different - from shape, to size and style. Finding that perfect sofa to match your living space and individual design style may now be a little easier, with the launch of the King Boulevard. 

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  • At the heart of every living area is a sofa. It’s that piece of coveted furniture ‘real estate’ which brings the family together to relax, watch TV and movies, read or browse the web.  And when friends pop in, the sofa is always the most popular place to catch up in comfort with great food, drinks and conversation.  

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  • The holiday season is upon us and with that comes the arrival of friends and family. Whether they stay one night or a week, finding a comfortable place for them to sleep – as well as having a little personal space - can be a challenge in small houses and apartments. 

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